SPR debuts with “Tesselation Districts”

Our correspondence with Stephan Richter dates back to late 2014, a time where the Hamburg based artist started to make contact again with the music world after clandestine slash obscure noise tape releases in the late 90s as well as the odd appearance on compilations under various aliases in the years after.

The three letters SPR mark Stephan’s formal (re)appearance on stage – with ties to Pudel club through its resident Nina, on whose label vis he released his debut “EP1” in 2015 (quoting Boomkat: “Lovers of Blackest Ever Black, Zhark, or Weevil Neighbourhood aesthetics will be in their element here.”), both kicking off the new label itself and Stephan’s release schedule. “Her Eyes Are An Abyss”, SPR’s second release followed on JSME Records later in the year.

For The Weevil Neighbourhood, SPR composed and produced “Tesselation Districts”, an extended player of four tracks that oscillate between comprehensible rhythmic patterns and their somewhat uncanny dissolution bridging aesthetics of Steven Porter‘s as well as Repetition/Distract‘s compositions for the label.

Lee Noble designed the artwork for the release. LXC made sure it sounds as good as it gets.


The release comes on black vinyl in black inner sleeve and screen-printed outer sleeve. The first 100 copies come on white vinyl and are sold in our webshop exclusively. 

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