Repetition/Distract’s “salles des perdus” LP gets reissued.

After kicking off the label back in 2011 with the eponymous “Old Weevil Neighbourhood” (the first and so far our only tape release), Felix Hoeck aka Repetition/Distract reappeared with his LP “salles des perdus” only about a year later. Pressed onto transparent vinyl and coming in an also transparent sleeve,  screenprinted with the artists’s own design, the record sold out in the course of the following months and disappeared way too quickly – even for our taste.

This year, the decision was made to reissue Felix’ album in a small edition of 100 copies to make it available again to those, who got to learn about artist and label only recently. The repress comes on black vinyl in a brown cardboard discobag, hand-stamped and -numbered and with artwork- and info-card tied to the sleeve.

Repetition/Distract – salles des perdus [WAIT] is available on our webshop now.


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