Out now: Anthone – Where Were We

”Where Were We” is the fourth solo release by Anthone for The Weevil Neighbourhood featuring three excursions somewhere in between abstract breaks and wonky techno. Ace, dense, Grime infused rhythm explorations . Hardwax The record comes on black vinyl in a brown discobag. Center label design is done by Anthone, mastering and cut by LXC. Read more →

New Bokeh

Bokeh are Anthone and Katsunori Sawa. Both artist have been with the label for years, solo releasing under their names and monikers since 2012. In 2014 their first collaborative work “Peace Obscured” surfaced on The Weevil Neighbourhood and was widely acknowledged for its combination of heavy and dark dub elements and its beastly beats. Bokeh’s second release for the label… Read more →

BLINDFOLD repressed

One of our first releases was a 12″ by an unknown artist featuring two tracks “All Those Colours” b/w “We Cannot See”. Back in 2011, the record was released in two versions, a “Black Edition” (black inner sleeve with transparent print and sticker, ltd. to 200 copies) and an “Unblack Edition” (colour gradient from black to smokelike-transparency, hand-printed artwork and… Read more →

Reissues of Katsunori Sawa and Anthone’s debut EPs

As you may know, we’ve started to repress sold-out releases in small editions of 100-150 records each. Most recently, we added Katsunori Sawa’s debut EP “The Two Legs” as well as Anthone’s “Aloof” EP to the list. The reissues will hit the shelves of your favourite record shops around mid March 2017 and there’s a limited amount of records being… Read more →

2016 in retrospective

Another exciting year has passed for The Weevil Neighbourhood. We kicked off the year with the first non-musical release in April, an untitled 2-colour Risograph print on found paper by Lee Noble (cat. name FROST). Lee has been responsible for the majority of sleeve artwork for the label since 2013, so most of you guys are already familiar with his… Read more →

SPR debuts with “Tesselation Districts”

Our correspondence with Stephan Richter dates back to late 2014, a time where the Hamburg based artist started to make contact again with the music world after clandestine slash obscure noise tape releases in the late 90s as well as the odd appearance on compilations under various aliases in the years after. The three letters SPR mark Stephan’s formal (re)appearance… Read more →

Repetition/Distract’s “salles des perdus” LP gets reissued.

After kicking off the label back in 2011 with the eponymous “Old Weevil Neighbourhood” (the first and so far our only tape release), Felix Hoeck aka Repetition/Distract reappeared with his LP “salles des perdus” only about a year later. Pressed onto transparent vinyl and coming in an also transparent sleeve,  screenprinted with the artists’s own design, the record sold out… Read more →

Repress of Steven Porter’s LR EP out now.

In 2011, Steven Porter – aka Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo – made their debut to the label with the LR EP, which German de:bug magazine called “a masterpiece”. Since the record is sold out for some time now, the decision was made to have the release repressed in a small edition of 150 copies. It’ll be available at the… Read more →

Steven Porter go “Superbad”

Japanese duo Steven Porter (aka Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo) will release an EP called “Superbad” on SNTS on May 1st. It’s their first more extensive appearance together since the LR EP, which came out on The Weevil Neighbourhood in November 2011. Both Sawa and Kondo have been busy releasing material under their own names in the past years, with… Read more →