The Weevil Neighbourhood


The Weevil Neighbourhood is a DIY record label and creative outlet of all sorts run by Martin Heinze and operating from Berlin, Germany. The label was officially established in 2011 as successor of The Weevil Series.

Artists releasing on The Weevil Neighbourhood are Anthone, Bokeh, Lee Noble, Katsunori Sawa, Repetition/Distract, SPR, Steven Porter and Torimimasataka.

Worldwide distribution is handled by Kudos Records and Ready Made. Partners are Juno, Staalplaat, Suburban Trash, Toolbox Records and Praxis amongst others.

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All releases are available through our Bandcamp site. You'll find coloured vinyl and custom artwork editions there exclusively as well as reissues, prints and merchandise along with all musical releases in digital format.

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For any question or inquiry you have, feel free to get in touch through one of our channels or directly via e-mail.